Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My very first

Is it just me or does everyone has this difficult a time coming up with their first blog post? It took me forever to start a blog, took me an even longer 'forever' to come up with a name for a blog (and I am not counting the time it took me to think of all the replacement blog names when I found out my chosen ones had already been taken) and then it took me literally 'forever' to write my first post! The last forever is still going strong =P

It seems like when you want something to be really perfect you have a hard time making it happen. So I decided to start away with my first blog post right away with whatever I could come up with. I'll try not to care that its not perfect, atleast it's a start. I'll just read it later on and then regret it. =P I hope to improve myself as I go along and add all the charming qualities of a good blog post to my blog. So here's hoping that I'll learn from the blogging world and contribute a great deal as well!